Assessment (test, inspection, audit)

In connection with machinery, production line, robot system, AGV/AMR system, test equipment we can provide the following services:

  • Test & inspection fot the CE marking 
  • Safety inspection 
  • Risk assessment
  • Tests based on specific standards
  • Instrumentalk tests:
    • Stop time measurement (positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body)
    • Collision tests in Human-Robot Collaboration (co-bot systems)
    • On-site EMC test
    • Laser emission 
    • Noise emission 
    • Closing force of power operated guards
  • HSE inspection or audit
  • Verification of the performance level of security functions implemented by the control system (SRP/CS) (SISTEMA analysis)
  • Safety tests of lifting equipment 
  • Usability test 
  • Design review 
  • Review of the conformity assessment documentation