SAASCO Consulting & Engineering Ltd. provides consultancy, training and testing services to all companies, which are willing to meet the technical and management requirements of customers and legislation. Our goal is to offer our partners excellent expertise and flexible solutions.

  • Open courses and inhouse trainings in „CE marking of machines”, standard and customized programs, practical training with risk analysis.
  • CE marking of machines, „machine assembly, risk assessment, testing of production systems and equipment, conformity document overview.
  • Supporting the machine planning and CE marking process with consulting.
  • Completing the CE marking process for medical and IVD devices, preparing technical documentation, and implementing ISO 13485 quality management system.
  • Open courses and inhouse trainings in CE marking of medical devices, risk management, usability, clinical evaluation, PMS system.
  • Clinical and biological evaluation, usability testing, ISO 13845 and MDD / MDR internal audits.
  • CE marking of consumer electronics and professional equipment.
  • Market surveillance prequalification of consumer electronics and professional equipment.
  • CE marking projectmanagement.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Training and consultancy.
  • Implementing and auditing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 2200, HACCP, NATO, AQAP etc. management systems.
  • Introducing cosmetic GMP system, safety assessment.
  • Management consulting.

SAASCO Ltd. is the founder of the a SAASCO Conformity Experts group, whose members have the same working attitude and methods to serve the potential and the existing clients.


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SAASCO is a member of QTICS Group. QTICS is an acronym consisting from the first letters of Quality, Testing, Inspection, Certification and Services.

The group operates in a number of service fields with a special focus on medical devices, mobility & drone, energy & industry, consumer & IoT. The group possesses a wide portfolio embracing all aspects of conformity assessment, such as consultation and education, expert services, testing and evaluations, verification and certifications, critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, virtual verification and digital simulation.